How Tadaku Works

We like to say the basic concept behind Tadaku is ‘cultural exchange through cooking’. To explain the general structure of a Tadaku session, let’s look at an example:

Becoming a Host
Yuko from Tokyo loves cooking, meeting new people, and practicing her English, so she decides to join as a Tadaku host. She completes her profile with information about the menus she’d like to offer, her home, her availability, and the price per guest.

Booking a Session
Alice and her boyfriend Ross are planning their trip to Japan from Australia and are interested in learning more about the Japanese culture from Japanese people. They also love Japanese food, and looking at the Tadaku website, they decide to book a session with Yuko to cook the traditional food of sumo wrestlers at her place. After agreeing on the dates, they make the payment via PayPal through the Tadaku website.

Host Meeting Guests
Alice and Ross meet Yuko at the agreed location, and Yuko first takes them on a short tour of Tsukiji fish market, where they purchase a few ingredients for the meal. Some of our hosts offer different kinds of activities before the cooking session (a visit to a local farm or a sake shop, for example). Even the most basic local supermarket can be an interesting experience for visitors!

Cooking Together
Back at Yuko’s place, Yuko spends an hour or two teaching Alice and Ross how to cook the various dishes. Getting involved in the cooking process is a great way to learn!

Eating Together
Eating the meal together provides a great chance to learn more about the local food and other cultural aspects, such as language and daily customs.

After Alice and Ross help clean up, Yuko guides them back to the meeting place and they depart with some great new skills and memories. Tadaku pays Yuko via PayPal the following day.

Being invited into a local person’s home while on a trip is a rare experience, and we believe that it’s a wonderful way to learn about new cultures.

Read more about how Tadaku works.


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