Ham off the leg!

How often do you have a chance to see this in Tokyo?

A rare sight in Tokyo!

A rare sight in Tokyo!

I’d certainly never before! Raw ham can be very expensive in Japan, and so when you see it, it’s rarely an entire leg! One of our newest hosts, Fernando, managed to get a hold of this beauty for his first Tadaku session in Tokyo recently, which also proved to be a big success. Fernando is from Albacete in Spain, and has been teaching Japanese people how to cook Spanish food in Tokyo for the past 3 years.

Fernando-_0008_Layer 3a

Knives from Fernando’s hometown

I was lucky enough to get a spot in Fernando’s class before it filled up, and I was quick to notice his passion for food and cooking! Fernando had clearly taught before, ensuring all of his guests had some way to help out at all times. He also holds great knowledge about Spanish food, culture and history, and so was a great person to learn from.

Helping chop potatoes

Helping chop the potatoes for the omelette.

We learnt that there are many things to keep in mind while slicing ham from the leg – the direction you should slice, the thickness of the slices, the best way to eat, and perhaps most importantly, to keep your spare hand out of the way!

There are many things to keep in mind when slicing raw ham.

There are many things to keep in mind when slicing raw ham.

Fernando also taught us a lot about the different types of ham in Spain.

Fernando loves ham!

Fernando loves ham!

We also learnt how to make Spanish omelettes. All of the guests were surprised at how it could taste so great with so few ingredients – just egg, potato, onion and salt!

Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette

All of the guests had a wonderful time despite the snow storm, and some were very happy to practice their Spanish with our enthusiastic host.

Ready to eat!

Ready to eat!

Fernando’s session is available to book anytime in Tokyo.

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